The sky was a funny old colour today

Hello all

Blimey – that red sun today was a bit weird, wasn’t it? Very post-apocalyptic and Blade Runnery (I went to see the Blade Runner sequel last week – it was OK but not as good as some people are saying. It’s also nearly 3 hours long – a nightmare for fidgetters like me.). Apparently, the red sun was caused by sand from the Sahara Desert being blown over by Storm Ophelia. Anyhoo…

Forgive the 3 weekish break since my last blog – I’ve had a few things going on in my life that have been quite time consuming for a couple of weeks including having to do a few evenings prep for a promotion board at work but normal service should now be resumed.

I’ve been keeping busy councillor-wise though – I won’t cover every single thing that I have been up to but here are the selected highlights over the last 3 weeks:

Myself and Cllr Cain attended a very interesting meeting with council officers on selective and additional licensing in the central area that includes much of Central Drive. Amongst other aims, the scheme seeks to help address high levels of anti-social behaviour associated with poor quality private rented accommodation. Click the link below for more info – it really is worth a look – especially if anti-social behaviour is an issue for you:


I then chaired the Adults Social Care and Health Scrutiny committee where the big agenda items were The Health & Social Care Integration report from Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group and a report from the Vic that included information of it’s financial performance last year. Meeting info including the minutes from the meeting available via the link below:


l also attended a full days training course in Manchester run by Salford Uni on suicide prevention. I attended this course due to my role chairing the committee mentioned above – here are some stats relating to suicide in Blackpool that may or may not surprise you:

  • Blackpool has the second highest rate of suicide of any upper tier local authority in England, for all persons, during the period 2013-2015 (Figure 1).
  • Blackpool has a significantly higher rate per 100,000 population (16.6 – 95% CI 12.6, 21.4) than England (10.2 – 95% CI 10.0, 10.3) as a whole2.
  • There were 59 deaths from suicide and undetermined injury in the 3 year period 2013-15.
  • 81% (48) were male, 19% (11) female.

The course was excellent and gave a real insight into the reasons why people take their lives. If you are concerned about anybody or indeed if you are having suicidal thoughts yourself, there is help out there. Please, please seek help. Click below – the website will signpost you to the help that you need:


I have also attended the following meetings (that don’t really need much by way of write up):

  • Bloomfield PACT meeting @ Ibbison Court with Cllr Cain
  • Woodlands School Resource Committee (as governor)
  • Public Protection Sub-Committee
  • Bloomfield Surgery @ Bloomfield East Residents Assn
  • Catch up meeting with Cllr Cain
  • Blackpool Housing Company Limited (more on this in the next blog)

And I also squeezed in a short walk about in Foxhall yesterday. And speaking of the Foxhall area, residents of the area will soon be being contacted by the council with regards to a consultation on parking in the area. You should all be receiving letters in the next few weeks asking for your opinions.

Anyway, that’s all for now and do drop by soon.

Take care, Jim

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