The C Word. Too early?

Hello all (music picked for no other reason than it’s awesome – another very, very good live band).

I’ve had a pretty busy week this week with a nice mix of dealing with queries from constituents in the ward/other ward matters and with council wide matters.

Anyhoo, here is a quick run down of some of the highlights…

Monday – Myself, Cllr Cain & Cllr Fred Jackson had a meeting at the town hall to start planning the Revoe Christmas tree switch on event. Sorry! I know that it’s only September but these things take planning!

Anyway, the date for your diaries – Monday 27 November. It will in a slightly different format this year but more info to follow later.


On Tuesday, I was called out to a resident on Shaw Road to look at a fly tipping issue. However, whilst I was there, I recorded 4 separate fly tips. Officers will be dealing with these in the very near future. However, you don’t need to wait until you see a councillor to get a fly tip shifted – the council have an excellent online reporting service that is you fastest way of getting the rubbish shifted – you can also provide any details that you have of who dumped it too! See below:


Wednesday night was full council. The big discussion items that were covered were the council’s purchase of the airport, the possible new lease of life for the prospect of a greater Lancashire Combined Authority and a motion that drew cross party support foe the setting up of an independent body to look at football governance. Please see the Gazette item below on the football governance motion:


I had two meetings in the latter half of the week – the first was at a couple of locations around Foxhall and Lytham Road to look at the installation of alleygates with Cllr Cain and an officer. One of the areas that we looked at was horrendous and had been used by street drinkers (see photo below), drug users and other undesirables as a meeting/drinking/god knows what point. Anyway, the alleygates will soon be excluding them from the area.


The condition that street drinkers had left an alley area in Foxhall

I then had a meeting over at Revoelution with Cllr Cain and Andy from Revoelution. The upshot of this meeting is that whilst Revoelution is a community lead group, we will be playing a more hands on role over the coming months and we will be attending the meetings where possible to provide our input. I’ll do a proper update on this after the next meeting.

This brings me to the weekend. As per my last blog, I went to see one of my all time favorite bands, Sparks, on Friday in Manchester. I must say that for two gents aged 68 and 72, they put on a very energetic show. I really would recommend them (you’ll recognise quite a few of their songs when you hear them).


The amazing Sparks on stage at Manchester this weekend

Today – I’ve spent from around 1pm until around 6ish prepping for a Adult Social Care and Health Scrutiny meeting that I will be chairing on Wednesday. The big items on the agenda are the annual report from Healthwatch, New Models of Care from the local Clinical Commissioning Group and a report from the Vic on various issues (but it’s finances are of immediate issue). Click below for the agenda but please be aware that ANYONE is welcome to attend these meetings, so if you are interested, it’s at the Town Hall this Wednesday at 6pm.


Right – that gives me about 2 hours to have a relax before needing to get my stuff ready for work tomorrow.

So until next time, take care, Jim

Green Champions and other shenanigans

Hello all

First off, music picked for no other reason that I love this song from┬áthe new Sparks album, I’ve been playing it to death and I’m going to see them this weekend. They’ve been going for 49 years! I’ve seen them before and they’re amazing so I can’t wait for the weekend.

Sooo…forgive the 2 week absence – I’ve had the lurgy for most of it and I’ve spent all my time not in work or doing councillor stuff sat on the couch drinking lemsip and spam watching the Office US with Lizzie feeling very sorry for myself.

Anyhoo, here are a few of my activities over the last 2 weeks or so (I did soldier through to do these ­čÖé ):

Myself and Cllr Cain attended a PACT meeting at St Peter’s Church on Lytham Road – it was good to see and few new faces at this meeting with a slightly higher turn out than usual. Amongst several discussion points, the issue of the burnt out laundry on Ball Street was discussed including the issue of children climbing in the debris. Our officers will deal with this in due course.

I was very please to attend Gordon Mardsen’s Greener Blackpool awards last week. I nominated the New Revoe Residents Assn Gardening Club for the Green Community Group Award. The hard work that these people put into the Revoe neighbourhood never ceases to amaze me, and for those of you that don’t know about them, they grow veg in raised beds literally just metres from Central Drive that is then used to feed local old folks in their Memory Lane Cafe at Ibbison Court each Tuesday lunch time. They didn’t win but they did get a runners up certificate. I’m very proud of them.


Some members of the gardening club at the awards

I also attended a full day training course on Safeguarding Children. This was a very interesting, if sometimes upsetting course – some of the case studies that we discussed included some truly harrowing stories of neglect and abuse of children. The course highlighted what to look for in terms of signs of abuse and neglect in kids. Blackpool Council have an excellent website that covers some of the features of the course – click the link below for more info (especially if you have concerns about a child):


Last week I attended 2 evening meetings – Public Protection and Audit. There’s nothing much to report from either of these meetings but for any eager beavers, info on both of them can be found by clicking the link below:


Also last week, myself and Cllr Cain had one of our surgeries at Bloomfield East. I came away with whole raft of enquiries from this meeting including issues such as dangerous parking at school gates, illegal bonfires, parking in alleys and the build up of rubbish in gardens. All issues and have logged and reported to officers who will be dealing with them shortly.

On Friday I attended a half day training course for the governors at Woodlands School. It was an interesting half day that looked at the role of the governing board. We were given the task of creating the “vision” for the school – a few lines that describe the school aims and ethos. This was not an easy task as everybody had their own ideas but we able to agree certain themes and these will be used as the basis for the “vision”.

And finally, some good news – have you seen the lights that have been installed on the trees next to Ibbison Court on Central Drive? They look great and add a bit of sparkle to the area. Myself, Cllr Cain and Revoelution have been trying to get these installed for months, so it’s nice to see them finally in place.


The lights on the trees at Ibbison Court

Anyways, until next time folks, take care. Jim