The Fun Day & other bits and bob…

Greetings all

I hope that you are enjoying the last few hours of your bank holiday weekend.

We are just coming to the end of the council recess period where there are far fewer meetings to attend – they all start again next week in earnest.

However, I have been keeping busy over the last week or so – here is some of what I have been up to:

Myself and Cllr Cain spent some hours driving around the ward hand delivering our summer leaflet to some of the harder to find properties in Bloomfield. There are quite a lot of flats around Foxhall Village and Lytham Road that are easily missed by colleagues delivering our leaflet. I then finished the Central Drive section earlier this week.

I did attend one formal council meeting – Public Protection. The main body of work that the committee undertakes is to look at the suitability of taxi drivers when they apply for licenses or when we have reason for concern about their fitness to drive once they have a license. These matters are of course confidential and I can’t say what we looked at.

The weekend before last we have the Revoe Residents Fun Day. What an incredible success the day was. The weather stayed clear, we had 168 kids attend and they seemed to have a ball. The new mayor, Cllr Ian Coleman did a sterling job of opening the fair and our MP, Gordon Marsden also attended. There are too many people to thank individually for the day, but you know who you are, so thank you!

The best thing about the day was the faces on the kids – they really, really enjoyed themselves and were really well behaved. So until we do it all again next year, here are a few pics from the day:


The Fun Day in full swing


Emma Louise Jackson and the Revoelution Choir


The local Scouts put on some excellent activities


Bling & Brenda


Myself, Gordon Marsden MP and Cllr Cain

I spent an evening last week looking at issues around the rear allies of Tyldesley Road. I have reported several matters to officers to look at including recurring rubbish/tipping issues, the apparent poor quality of some of the accommodation and the unauthorised use of the alley. Officers will be dealing with this in the near future.

This weekend, it was my very great pleasure to open a garden party fund raiser for the Swallows Charity. This is a local charity that offers support to all those affected by head, neck and throat cancer (click the link below for their Facebook page).


The charity does great work in the town offering a 24 support line as well as holding regular patient and carer meetings. Very impressively, they have just been awarded the Queens Award for Voluntary Service – how good is that? They also have a shop on Waterloo Road, so if you’re down that neck of the woods, do pop in. Anyway, the turn out was great and I hope that they raised a load of money.


Yours truly opening the event

Over the last week or so, I have dealt with enquiries regarding anti social behaviour, blocked road drains, licensing issues, boy racers and an issue with an unauthorised camp on a car park.

And finally… did you know that the Labour Party in Blackpool have a women’s forum? They have monthly meetings and have just started canvassing the town to see what issues particularly affect women in Blackpool. I am told that the first canvas session was extremely useful and that more sessions are planned soon.

If you’re interested in this, you will of course need to be a Labour Party member (CLICK HERE TO JOIN – come on, you know you want to), then click the link below for more info:


Anyway, right that’s me done, so until next time, take care.


PS if you haven’t seen that last episode of this season’s Game of Thrones yet – it’s awesome!

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