Got Lucky

It’s just a very short blog today folks as I was amazingly fortunate to be at Glastonbury until Monday (see more below – but if you ever get the chance to see the New York Brass Band (playing in the video), you should defo go see them – they’re absolutely brill – they REALLY get a crowd going).

Anyway, after not getting anywhere enough catch up sleep on Monday night, I attended a full day training session run by the council on school governance (as I am a new governor at Woodlands School). It was a very interesting (if a little yawny on my part) session and really covered a lot of ground. School governance is a complex, strategic role and involves significantly more than just “having tea with the head”. Blackpool has around 40 vacancies for school governors at the moment – why not consider it? It looks to be a very interesting and rewarding role. Click the link below for more info:


Last night, there was full council. There were no real big agenda items last night but for any of you with an interest in such things, please find a link to the livestream of the meeting below:

Myself and Cllr Cain have had one of our regular catch up meetings tonight at the Town Hall. Our discussion included planning permissions for shops, ASB issues on Lytham Road, the holiday zone consultation, permit parking in Foxhall and Gordon Marsden’s Green Cleaner Champions Award. With regards to the latter, click the link below – if you know anybody that may qualify for the award in Bloomfield then drop them a line:


And finally, Glastonbury. I won’t bore you too much but myself and my other half had an absolutely AMAZING week. If you only watch it on the TV, you will get the impression that it’s just a massive pop concert. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s not so much a music festival, it’s a being alive festival. There is so much more than just the main stages that you see on telly – there’s loads of insane music about (this year, a Japanese death metal band playing in a bus were VERY good), as well as debates, talks, poetry, circus, comedy (loads of big names – we saw Phil Jupitus) and tons and tons of other stuff. As you can see – I’m a Glastonbury fan and I am convinced that EVERYBODY, no matter what their taste, would enjoy the festival. Really – try it. Register for the next one and go.

Anyway, here are just a few photos:


Barry Gibb – life tick box ticked (I’m a massive BG’s fan)


The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show


Clive Lewis – an absolutely outstanding Labour MP


Myself & Lisette at the Pyramid Stage

Anyway, until next time folks, take care, Jim

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