All together now

It would be hard to start a blog this week without saying just how upsetting I found the attack on the gig in Manchester on Monday. I happened to check online news as I was going to bed that night just as the first reports of the blast were being reported.

The news played on my mind for hours and I had a very poor nights sleep. Then when I got up the next morning to read the updated news of the confirmed casualties, it was just horrible. Horrible.

I am sure that you have read this numerous times of the last 2 days, but my heart really does go out to those affected by this vile attack and they are very much in my thoughts.

I must say though that the response to this outrage by the people of Manchester has been truly GLORIOUS – a massive coming together of people of all faiths, cultures and backgrounds to stick fingers up to the pathetic losers who do this sort of thing and say “You will not win.” Manchester, you are beautiful.

manchester d

Crowds at the Manchester vigil yesterday coming together in solidarity

Which brings me onto something else…much to my surprise, I found myself and Donald Trump saying much the same thing yesterday.

I had been chatting with my 18 year old lad about what would happen if instead of calling attacks like the one on Monday “terrorist attacks”, everybody and especially the media, called them “complete, sad, pathetic tosser attacks”. Part of the power of the terrorist lies in the word terrorist itself – take that away from them and they lose part of their perceived power. Image the front pages of the press with “Complete sad, pathetic, tosser attack” and the line “The complete sad, pathetic, tosser, Joe Bloggs, was a student living in…”, etc. I can’t help but think that there would be far fewer pathetic failures of humanity prepared to blow themselves up if they knew that this was how they were going to be referred to afterwards.

Now, I realise that this will never happen (as I’m not insane (* I think)) but in the little world inside my head, this would work.

Anyway, about an hour after chatting with my lad, he linked me a news report where Trump had made the following statement regarding the attack:

“I won’t call them monsters. Because they would like that term, they would think that’s a great name; I will call them from now on losers because that’s what they are, they’re losers. And we’ll have more of them but they’re losers – just remember that.”

Hmmm….I’m not sure how I feel about having the same mindset as Donald Trump on something – it makes me question my rationale but I am sticking with it.

So, what I have been up to over the last few days?

Well, delivering general election letters from your MP Gordon Marsden. Lots of them. Flipping loads and loads of them. It took me the best part of Thursday and Friday evenings and then Lizzie had to drive me around on Saturday afternoon to finish them!

As per my last post, Gordon has a campaign office at 293 Church Street – if you can help with anything, be it folding letters, delivering leaflets, or for the bolder of you, door knocking, then please do drop in and the staff there will be delighted if you can help. Canvassing was suspended for 3 days due to the Manchester attack, but I understand it will resume from Friday.


The campaign shop on Church Street

I also attended my first formal meeting at Woodlands School as a governor. This being my first meeting, there was a reasonable amount of stuff that went over my head, but I am sure that I will pick stuff up as I go along. I have been given the role of governor responsible for safeguarding. This is a hugely important role as I will be scrutinising safeguarding procedures at the school to make sure that all the kids are properly protected. I intend to take the role very seriously – quite a lot of training will be involved.

This evening, I attended a Public Protection meeting – the bulk of the meeting was to consider applications for taxi drivers licenses – this is obviously of a confidential nature, so I will just park this here.

I have also dealt with constituent enquiries on issues including fly tipping (no surprises), dog fouling, aggressive dogs, vandalism of lamp posts and nuisance tenants.

Actually, my travels around the ward delivering election material has allowed me to report several fly tips myself on and around Central Drive and Lytham Road – these have already been cleared.


Tipped armchair on Central Drive

Right, it’s late and I need to be up at 6am to cycle into work, so it’s nighty night.

Until next time, take care, Jim

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