My evenings have suddenly got a lot busier for the next 7 weeks

Hello again one and all

The horrible, right wing and downright unpleasant dross already being peddled on the front pages of our newspapers in support of Theresa May is the inspiration for the above track by Billy Bragg. He absolutely nails it.

As per my last blog, I’ve had a few days off over Easter, but here is what I have been up to over the last couple of days:

On Wednesday morning, I met with Cllr Cain and some officers to rubber stamp some mini parking schemes in the Lytham Road area. I have been blogging about this for over a year now and the original proposed scheme pre-dates me by couple of years, so I am delighted to say that it looks as though we can get moving on this in the near future.


Works will start to drop kerbs on roads like this to increase parking capacity later in the year

We have to go out on a final statutory consultation with residents but I am sure that this will not be a problem – the overwhelming response to the last survey was massively in favour of the parking schemes, So, keeping fingers, toes, legs, etc, crossed, your parking woes should be coming to an end soon!

On Wednesday evening, I did a little door knocking on Rydal Avenue and Montrose Avenue. As a councillor, you really can get asked some tough questions on the doorstep from constituents, but it does allow you to really get to learn about peoples issues in the ward. Tonight I took away enquiries on street cleansing, “inconsiderate” parking and visitor parking passes.


Door knocking on Montrose Ave

Today, it was again my pleasure to visit Woodlands School where I am a governor. I was able to have a look around the school today whilst the children were there and I must say, I really do think that the staff there are doing an amazing job. The kids really seemed happy and engaged and I was made to feel very welcome by all.


Then this evening, I was back to the town hall to sit on the Audit Committee. If you are that way inclined and you love all things audit (there must be 1 or 2 of you ;p ), please find the agenda attached below.

There was a interesting item on the agenda regarding change management – I asked if the council had a change management framework and if so, how is change integrated in to the council plan 2015-2020 (incidentally, the answer was “kinda” and I know – I need to get out more ).


And finally, the general election…

Are you sick of seeing the NHS being destroyed by underfunding – where people are stuck on trollies in the hallways for hours at the Vic A&E because the hospital is under resourced?

Are you sick of reading about the crisis in social care for the elderly where pensioners are trapped in hospital beds for weeks when they should be in care homes?

Are you sick of seeing schools struggling to cope with financial pressures and the re-introduction of grammar schools that will create a 2 tier education system where poor kids will be left behind?

Are you sick of seeing your council having to cut public services (such as free green bin collections) due to central government cuts but having to take the blame for them?

Are you sick of permanent austerity where the money in our pockets hasn’t kept up with the cost of living for years?

Are you sick of a government making a complete and utter hash of Brexit?

Well, you’ve got a chance to do something about it on 8 June – Get Up, Stand Up.


That’s all for now folks, drop by again soon,


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