Stupid Questions

Hello all

This is my 4th blog in 3 weeks! Don’t expect this level of service all the time!

Anyways, here is what I have been up to:

On Monday afternoon, myself and Cllr Cain had one of our regular catch up meetings to see where each of us is up to in dealing with different ward matters. We really do work very closely as a team in Bloomfield and these meetings are a chance to give input on various ward issues. This meeting included issues with alley gates on Palatine Road (now sorted hopefully) and development issues on Central Drive.

On Tuesday afternoon, I had my first meeting with the head teacher of Woodlands Primary School as I have very recently been appointed a governor there. In case you don’t know Woodlands school, it is a school for 2 – 19 year olds with severe learning disabilities (it is at the rear of the NHS Walk In Centre on Whitegate Drive). It really does seem to be a great school that is really striving to provide the best possible life chances for their children and I was struck by how committed the head was to the school and the kids. I am very much looking forward to being a part of the management and trying to get the best education possible for the children. See below for a very thorough website:


On Wednesday night, we had full council. Amongst many other matters, the subject of begging and homelessness in town was brought up by the Tories – they seemed quite upset about numbers of people begging on the streets. However, they did not seem to take the point from Cllr’s Singleton and Blackburn that Tory austerity policies are driving people (often with mental health conditions) on to the streets and the possible Blackpool Tory scuppering of the Lancashire Combined Authority (that would have allowed the council to get rogue landlords even further under control by driving up the quality of the local housing stock) would have gone a long way to addressing this issue. Nevermind, they didn’t want to hear that. The video of the meeting can be found below – the begging issue gets raised at 51 mins and the rebuttal is at 1 hr 12 min. On a plus point it does mean that I can put the video for the rather splendid Stupid Questions by New Model Army at the top of this blog!

This brings me on to this evening. After work, I did a little door knocking around Nelson Road and Barton Avenue and spoke to several residents and hoteliers. This was a productive hour and I have taken enquiries away on issues including tipping, seagull proof bags and the poor condition of an old hotel. These are all logged and officers will deal with them shortly.


A very damp councillor on Nelson Road this evening

In other news,  Cllr Cain, myself and several other councillors across the town have chipped in funds from our ward budgets to buy kits, high vis vests, a gazebo and pitch hire for Foxhall Under 7’s football team that play in the ward. I’m very happy about this – it’s little wins like this that make it all worth while.

And finally, stuck for something to do this weekend? There are not 1, but 2 new exhibitions opening at the Grundy Art Gallery in town this Saturday afternoon. If you have a couple of hours to kill, why not pop down?


Well, that’s all for now folks, so have a good weekend and drop by soon.


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