I would walk a 1000 miles

Greeting folks

Here is what I have been doing over the last 4 days:

On Sunday, myself and Lisette attended a celebration of the Hindu Festival of Holi organised by the Fylde Coast Hindu Society. This is a festival of colour and you may have seen it on TV where celebrants throw bags of coloured powder all over each other.

Thankfully, there was no paint throwing at this event (Lisette was in her favorite top) but a very fine time was had by all – they really are a nice bunch of people in the society and as ever the entertainment and food were excellent. By coincidence there were a few medical professionals present that gave me a lot to think about in my role as Health Scrutiny chair especially regarding mental health assessments – I am aiming to look at this topic in the July committee meeting.

I also attended a Public Protection Sub-Committee meeting this week where we considered which charities would be given licenses to go street collecting this year. Everything was fine with the applications but it is worth noting that sometimes street collectors can be bogus. Click HERE for a story about a bogus collector from Blackpool that has been caught and jailed for fraud.

On Wednesday, myself and Cllr Cain had a meeting with officers to discuss some issues that include development on Central Drive. I know that I promised some action with regards to this back in the summer, but after a couple of false starts, hopefully we should be able to get things moving on this front in the near future – more details to follow when I have them.


Also on Wednesday, I chaired the Health Scrutiny Committee for a special meeting looking at the young persons health issues (agenda, etc, below). I was delighted to see representatives present from organisations such as UR Potential, Headstart, Streetlife and others present at the meeting and quite a few young people. I was also very pleased that these additional attendees were able to contribute their views over the course of the meeting. Myself and the scrutiny officer have taken away a few ideas on how to better to engage with young people from the group and we hope to do even better at the next such youth orientated meeting. As a general point though that I have taken away from that meeting is that I want much better public engagement in health scrutiny going forward.


An outcome of this meeting was that the committee have recommended that council public health officers consider a scheme running in schools throughout the UK called The Daily Mile. Blackpool children are amongst the most obese in the country so I will be very interested in what the officers have to say about the scheme (scheme info below):


Yesterday, I did some door knocking along Park Road and Palatine. I really do enjoy these sessions and it’s always nice to meet the constituents and I think that they like to see their elected councillors on the streets too.


Door knocking Park Road yesterday 

From this, I have taken away enquiries regarding littering on Park Road, abandoned cars, ASB/rogue landlord issues and parking – I have instructed officers to report back on all of these.

I also spoke to a constituent who lives near Central Drive a couple of days ago regarding a scam. Dodgy sales people are targeting old people trying to sell them “new” mattresses. However, these “new” mattresses are actually reclaimed from fly tips and re-covered! The lady in question lost several hundred pounds and the police are involved. So please folks, be very, very careful with doorstep sales people.

Right. that’s me done. I am having an afternoon off tomorrow to go a beer festival at the Winter Gardens – I am always pleased to talk to residents, but I should warn you that after about 3pm tomorrow, I may not be at my most eloquent self. Incidentally, I think that there may be some tickets still available – link below.


Anyway, until next time, take care,


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