Eye Opener

Hello all

Here is what I have been up to of late:

Last week, I sat on a licensing panel to consider an alcohol licence at a town centre hotel. I can’t go into specifics but there had been some issues previously and we had to consider the new application. The application wasn’t clear cut so some debating was required before a decision could be made.

Myself and Cllr Cain held a surgery last week at Bloomfield East Residents Assn – we weren’t exactly rushed off our feet (nobody turned up!) but it was a chance to catch up with what we have been doing in the ward.

This week I attended a conference on Human Trafficing and Modern Day Slavery with some other Blackpool Labour Councillors at the De Vere Hotel in Blackpool.

This was fascinating – I never realised that this was such an issue. Some real areas of concern are Eastern European girls being trafficed into the UK for prostitution, Vietnamese people being trafficed in to be used as near slaves in cannabis farms and incidences of “slavery” in the criminal elements of the travelling community.

Some of the stories that we heard were honestly harrowing.There really were some hard hitting presentations and it really made me think how much of this sort of stuff is going on locally.


Delegates at the Human Trafficing and Modern Day Slavery conference

On Tuesday evening, I went door knocking in the ward around Louise Street and Middle Street and had quite a few doorstep chats with the residents. If any of you read this, then it was a pleasure to meet you. I also took away a few problems/issues that I hope to get solved for you very shortly.


Door knocking earlier this week

On Wednesday evening, it was my very great pleasure to be shown around St Anne’s Synagogue (with some people from work), by the very genial Rabbi Ephraim Guttentag. He gave us a very pleasant and often humerous tour of the building explaining how the synagogue operates. Did you know that it is the last Orthodox Jewish synagogue in Lancashire (after the one near Raikes Parade closed 5 years ago)?

Last night after work, I spent 3 hours pounding the streets doing some last minute canvassing in the Warbreck by election. We lost. I’m more than a bit sick about that as we really did have an excellent candidate in Ian Treasure. He would have worked his back side off for the residents. Anyway, I’ll leave it here with Charlie Brooker’s thoughts on the Tories (who won):


This morning, I took some time off work to attend a meeting run by Social Enterprise Solutions. They are looking at doing some business development work around Lytham Road and Bolton Street. I’ll post some more on this when the details have been hammered out.

Over the last 2 weeks I have dealt with constituent enquiries regarding prostitution around Central Drive, abandoned cars, illegal parking, rubbish issues on Princess Court, fly tipping in the same area and some anti social behaviour issues on Rydal Ave.

And finally, have you heard about In The Know About Lancashire?

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Anyway, until next time folks, take care,


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