Many meetings

Greetings all

This blog post is a bit chronologically bitty as I have had a week in Scotland last week so this report covers the week before last and this week.

I spent an afternoon planning the schedule for the council’s Health Scrutiny Committee that I chair. After carefully considering all of the potential items of healthcare provision that we could scrutinize, myself and the council scrutiny officer decided to add an extra committee meeting to the calendar – there are simply so many health related matters in play at the moment that the council need to scrutinize to ensure that the people of Blackpool get the best possible healthcare.

For anybody interested, we are holding a special Health Scrutiny Committee meeting focusing on young persons health on Wed 22 March 6pm (probably in the town hall). These meetings are open to the public and all are welcome to attend – double check the venue on the Blackpool Council Meetings page nearer the time.

Myself and Cllr Cain also attended a PACT meeting at Ibbison Court with council officers and the local beat police and PCSO’s to take queries and issues from those in attendance.

After what felt like a geological age although it was just over a week ago, the alley gates at the rear of St Heliers were finally installed. I have already had some thanks from residents on the street and hopefully this will address the traffic and dog fouling issues.


New alley gates at the rear of St Heliers

Myself and Cllr Cain also had one of our surgeries at Bloomfield East Residents Association. If memory serves, the weather was a bit naff so let’s just day that we weren’t run off our feet. Our next one at this venue is Wed 8 March 6pm.

I attended a talk run by Blackpool Speakeasy in the Raikes Hall pub called “Voices of Syria”, given by Dr Haytham Alhamwi, who the regime of President Assad imprisoned for years for opening a library  (including weeks in solitary confinement without even a light). When you hear an account of imprisonment, torture and the death of close family first hand from a survivor, it is impossible not to be moved. Not an enjoyable evening as such, but it was well worth going to.

Please do give the Blackpool Speakeasy Facebook page a like (below) – they are a nice bunch of people trying to do something really different and interesting in Blackpool.


I also attended the Revoelution Winter Meeting to get an update on the various projects that they are undertaking locally. You can keep up to date with the different projects that they have on the go in the area by CLICKING HERE.

You may or may not know that we have a by election in a few weeks in the Warbreck Ward, so I spent this Sunday afternoon in the drizzle, door knocking around Gynn Square, canvassing for our excellent candidate, Ian Treasure. He’s a top bloke who’ll make an excellent councillor, so give his Facebook page a like below. If you have any friends in the Warbreck Ward, then please do ask them to get out on 16 March and help get him elected.


Tonight I sat on a Public Protection Sub Committee. As per my prior post, I can’t give specifics on this due to confidentiality, but the committee took some robust decisions to ensure that the people of Blackpool are not put at risk.

I have dealt with ward enquiries including issues with tipping in Old Foxhall (again), tipping in Adrian Street and the condition of buildings in the Lytham Road area.

Anyway, that’s me for now so until next time take care.

Cheers, Jim

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