A belated happy new year

Greetings all

Happy new year – please accept my apologies for the delay in writing this – my only excuse is that I have been trying to shake off the lurgy for a couple of weeks – I sound like Barry White at the mo (and am of a similar build since Christmas).

By the way – video picked this time for no other reason except that it’s one of my faves – enjoy!

Anyway, after a quiet first week back in January, here is what I have been up to over the last week or so:

I attended a PACT meeting last week at St Peters. These are usually busy affairs but with New Year only a couple of days earlier and some foul weather, only a few brave souls made the journey to the church. Myself and Cllr Cain took questions from the audience on permit parking in the area and a situation with alleged drug dealing amongst other queries. See below for a full list of PACT meeting dates in 2017:


I also sat on licensing panel a few days ago – these are triggered when somebody applies to the council for a license (usually alcohol but there are a wide range of licensed activities).

Myself and Cllr Cain also attended a surgery at Bloomfield East Residents Association (on St Heliers Road). Again, the foul weather meant that this wasn’t very busy, but we took away queries relating to the condition of properties in the area and traffic violations.

By the way, we hold these additional surgeries on the second Wednesday of each month as well as attending the PACT meetings. Please feel free to pop down if you need to see us.

Last night I had the pleasure of  attending a Community Cohesion event hosted by Blackpool Sixth Form College and Fylde Coast Hindu Society at the college. It was a fab evening Рthe presentations were interesting and informative and the entertainment was superb. The food was very good too. A great evening and all those involved in the organisation of it should feel rightly proud.


Finally, the Ombudsman Services’ Roadshow is in town in a couple of weeks:

“Ombudsman Services is the largest multi-sector provider of independent consumer redress in the UK. We work across a wide range of sectors, including energy, communications, and property industries, providing free, regulated Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) on behalf of companies and suppliers.
The roadshow is an important means for us to educate consumers on the avenues of redress available to them, and to explain how we can help them. For those experiencing problems, we will be able to open cases immediately and begin the process of addressing their issue with the company involved.
Based on data from our Consumer Action Monitor, we estimate there were 135,000 complaints made last year in Blackpool and 180,000 that were brushed under the rug. Additionally, Ombudsman Services have dealt with 197 energy and communication complaints this year that had been on going between consumers and suppliers for more than 8 weeks.
Our roadshow will be outside Coral Island from the 30th to 31st of January, from 09.00 to 17.00, so please do feel free to drop in.”
Link to their website below:
Anyway, that’s me done. I have to prep for an Audit Committee Meeting next week before Sherlock comes on.
So, bye-bye and drop by soon.