Merry Christmas

Hello all

This will be quite a short blog as most of my activities over the last couple of weeks have tended to be meetings and the briefing sessions that go with them.

A couple of week ago, I attended a very interesting lecture in the Raikes Hall pub by an academic from UCLAN called Dr Emily Cooper on the subject of brothels in Blackpool based on a study that she had completed. This was a hugely interesting talk and I certainly learned a thing or 2 about what is going on locally.


The event was run by a group called Blackpool Speakeasy who are trying to organise lectures from academics on a monthly basis in Blackpool – link to their FB page below – check them out. It’s really pleasing to see people trying to get something like this off the ground in Blackpool – give them your support:


Meetings-wise over the last couple of weeks, I have chaired the Health Scrutiny Committee with the major agenda items being Winter Planning by local health care providers and the finances of the Vic – agenda below. I also sat on the Tourism, Economy and Resources Scrutiny Committee (agenda below) and a budget scrutiny panel. Each of these meetings were accompanied by pre-briefs on separate nights so that was basically 6 nights out of the last 2 weeks.

hc1 ter

Last week, I was very honoured to attend the Young at Heart Christmas event at Ibbison Court along with the Mayor. This is a really worth while community group helping many residents of the ward and beyond and is run by the amazing Rev. Augusta Gibrill – thanks for having me.

mayor aug

The Young at Heart Christmas event

I have also dealt with residents queries about having double yellow lines extended down the rear of Erdington Road (got result on this!) and funding a local kids football team (working on result for this!).

So, I’ll wrap this blog up by wishing you and yours a very, very, merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

It is my very great honour to be your councillor and I look forward to serving the residents of the Bloomfield Ward in 2017.

Take care, Jim

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