There is a light that never goes out (well, until Wednesday at least)

Greetings all (you’ll see the “light” significance at the end)

I’ve dealt with quite a few enquiries this week on the following points (all logged and in the process of being actioned):

  • The traffic lights on the junction of Seasider’s Way and Bloomfield Road
  • The changing of the utilities meters at Bloomfield East
  • The dumping of asbestos
  • A damaged zebra crossing on Central Drive
  • Fly tipping (surprise, surprise)

For those of you living near gateway academy, myself and Cllr Cain have had a bit of a result for you – we are installing alley gates at the rear alleyway on St Heliers Road. The old damaged bollards are being removed and full gates are being installed.

So that should put an end to cars using the alley as a (dangerous) cut through. The gates should be up before Christmas.

This week, I sat as a replacement on the Tourism, Economy and Resources Scrutiny Committee on Thursday. This meeting covered a tonne of interesting topics such as the councils financial monitoring, waste collections and customer feedback. Click the link below for more info:


On Friday night, I attended the Brunswick Talbot Branch Labour Party AGM (a ward adjacent to Bloomfield). I passed on the position of secretary to the very capable Shaun Brookes, so good luck to you Shaun.

On Saturday morning, myself and Cllr Cain were spraying the streets of the ward with anti dog fouling stencilling yet again, this time around the Saville Road and St Heliers Road area. Several constituents stopped us for a chat and to express their frustrations regarding irresponsible dog owners. Well, fingers crossed the signs and the threat of an £80 fine may start to alleviate this issue.


Which brings me to yesterday evening.

Lightpool – go out and have a look – it’s ace! Really, go check out the Lightpool Festival around town. It’s basically a collection of artworks using light as their basis and they are scattered all over the town centre. There’s loads of interesting stuff to see (link below).

There are also performances in St Johns Square most nights. Last night we saw a french Tango dance troop who use fire and pyrotechnics in their act. It was very, very good. We do get some great arty stuff in Blackpool these days. And it’s all free!


And finally, it’s Remembrance Sunday on 13 November. As usual, there will be a service at the Cenotaph – please see info below.


Right, that’s me for now but drop by again soon.


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