You Spin Me Round

Hello all

Here is just a short update this week.

The above song provides the soundtrack for the blog as other than the fact that I really like it,  I am sure that you are aware, Pete Burns, sadly died today of a heart attack. I stood next to him once in a Liverpool night club in the 1980’s – he was about 9 feet tall and looked amazing – the whole club seemed to be transfixed by him. 57 years old is no age at all – very sad news.


Last Monday, I attended an audit training session and then attended the Audit Committee on Thursday. The stand out items on the agenda were the selective licensing internal audit and the CIPFA Fraud Tracker. For anybody interested (& I’m guessing that’s not many of you!), please click the link below:


On Friday, I met with Cllr Cain and an officer to discuss Blooming Bloomfield. This is very exciting but it is at too early a stage to reveal any details – other than to say that this will be a full ward project and it should have a very positive effect on the local environment. Fingers crossed, I should be able to give more details early in the new year.

A small win last week – Further to an enquiry at an Ibbison Court PACT meeting, “One-Way” lettering will be painted on the tarmac of Livingstone Road to stop one-way offenders.

This evening, I attended a pre-briefing for a Tourism, Economy and Resources Scrutiny Committee that I am sitting on Thursday – I don’t usually sit on this committee but I am covering an absence. I will link the meeting details in the next blog.

Right, thats me done – the Walking Dead starts season 7 in a mo and I want to be camped on the couch by then.

Until next time, cheerio all.


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