Pick It Up

Hello again

How are we all? Good? Well, here is what I have been up to of late…

Myself and Cllr Cain spent a very productive morning last Saturday with some of the residents of the Ibbison Court area of Central Drive spraying stencilled warnings onto the pavements warning of fines for dog fouling. This is going hand in hand with our enforcement contractor coming further out of the town centre to enforce littering and dog fouling issues, so I really do hope that this has a positive effect on the local environment.


Myself, Cllr Cain and some residents of the Central Drive area stencilling the pavements


You’ve been warned

By the way, myself and Cllr Cain along with some small community groups will be doing other parts of the ward with the stencil over the next few weeks (starting at East Bloomfield Residents Association bright and early tomorrow). If you live in the Bloomfield ward and you would like us to come and do your street, then drop me a line by the comments option above.

On Tuesday, I popped into St John’s Square at lunch time to an event called SAY NO TO HATE ran by the Police & Crime Commissioner for Lancashire. You may have read in the press that there has been a spike in hate crime over recent months against immigrants, muslims, LGBT people and disabled people. This event was to raise awareness of this and ask people to sign a pledge that they will not tolerate such damned unnecessary nastiness to other people. You can sign the pledge online HERE – please do so.


#saynotohate in St John’s Square

On Wednesday of this week, I chaired a Health Scrutiny Committee meeting where Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust gave the committee a progess report on improvements made to The Harbour (the mental healthcare facility in Marton near the M55 roundabout).

I was happy with the way the meeting went, and all committee members were able to ask the trust representatives a wide range of questions on their running of the facility. Please see the link to the agenda and report below:


This brings us to this afternoon. Myself and Cllr Cain were very pleased to drop off a load of gardening gear and litter collection stuff to the South Beach Drop-In Group that operate out of St Peters Church on Lytham Road. The group is coordinated by a very dedicated council officer and helps people to find training, helps with benefits and helps to access  other services – click HERE for their blog (it sounds like they have fun).

They are also undertaking small community projects, starting with jazzing up the garden at the side of St Peters Church – hence the dropping off of the gardening gear. They also hope to spread their work further afield in the ward in the not too distant. They seemed like a lovely bunch of people.


Myself and Cllr Cain and some of the members of the South Beach Drop-In Group

In terms of enquiries from residents of the ward, I was very pleased to assist a hotelier constituent last week with regards to a fly tipping problem. Even if I say so myself, I got that mess shifted double quick 🙂

I have also had calls about the dumper bins that I am having installed on Adrian Street – apologies for the delay people – they are on order and should be in situ soon.

Anyway, that’s me for now.



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