There is a light that never goes out (well, until Wednesday at least)

Greetings all (you’ll see the “light” significance at the end)

I’ve dealt with quite a few enquiries this week on the following points (all logged and in the process of being actioned):

  • The traffic lights on the junction of Seasider’s Way and Bloomfield Road
  • The changing of the utilities meters at Bloomfield East
  • The dumping of asbestos
  • A damaged zebra crossing on Central Drive
  • Fly tipping (surprise, surprise)

For those of you living near gateway academy, myself and Cllr Cain have had a bit of a result for you – we are installing alley gates at the rear alleyway on St Heliers Road. The old damaged bollards are being removed and full gates are being installed.

So that should put an end to cars using the alley as a (dangerous) cut through. The gates should be up before Christmas.

This week, I sat as a replacement on the Tourism, Economy and Resources Scrutiny Committee on Thursday. This meeting covered a tonne of interesting topics such as the councils financial monitoring, waste collections and customer feedback. Click the link below for more info:


On Friday night, I attended the Brunswick Talbot Branch Labour Party AGM (a ward adjacent to Bloomfield). I passed on the position of secretary to the very capable Shaun Brookes, so good luck to you Shaun.

On Saturday morning, myself and Cllr Cain were spraying the streets of the ward with anti dog fouling stencilling yet again, this time around the Saville Road and St Heliers Road area. Several constituents stopped us for a chat and to express their frustrations regarding irresponsible dog owners. Well, fingers crossed the signs and the threat of an £80 fine may start to alleviate this issue.


Which brings me to yesterday evening.

Lightpool – go out and have a look – it’s ace! Really, go check out the Lightpool Festival around town. It’s basically a collection of artworks using light as their basis and they are scattered all over the town centre. There’s loads of interesting stuff to see (link below).

There are also performances in St Johns Square most nights. Last night we saw a french Tango dance troop who use fire and pyrotechnics in their act. It was very, very good. We do get some great arty stuff in Blackpool these days. And it’s all free!


And finally, it’s Remembrance Sunday on 13 November. As usual, there will be a service at the Cenotaph – please see info below.


Right, that’s me for now but drop by again soon.


You Spin Me Round

Hello all

Here is just a short update this week.

The above song provides the soundtrack for the blog as other than the fact that I really like it,  I am sure that you are aware, Pete Burns, sadly died today of a heart attack. I stood next to him once in a Liverpool night club in the 1980’s – he was about 9 feet tall and looked amazing – the whole club seemed to be transfixed by him. 57 years old is no age at all – very sad news.


Last Monday, I attended an audit training session and then attended the Audit Committee on Thursday. The stand out items on the agenda were the selective licensing internal audit and the CIPFA Fraud Tracker. For anybody interested (& I’m guessing that’s not many of you!), please click the link below:


On Friday, I met with Cllr Cain and an officer to discuss Blooming Bloomfield. This is very exciting but it is at too early a stage to reveal any details – other than to say that this will be a full ward project and it should have a very positive effect on the local environment. Fingers crossed, I should be able to give more details early in the new year.

A small win last week – Further to an enquiry at an Ibbison Court PACT meeting, “One-Way” lettering will be painted on the tarmac of Livingstone Road to stop one-way offenders.

This evening, I attended a pre-briefing for a Tourism, Economy and Resources Scrutiny Committee that I am sitting on Thursday – I don’t usually sit on this committee but I am covering an absence. I will link the meeting details in the next blog.

Right, thats me done – the Walking Dead starts season 7 in a mo and I want to be camped on the couch by then.

Until next time, cheerio all.


Pick It Up

Hello again

How are we all? Good? Well, here is what I have been up to of late…

Myself and Cllr Cain spent a very productive morning last Saturday with some of the residents of the Ibbison Court area of Central Drive spraying stencilled warnings onto the pavements warning of fines for dog fouling. This is going hand in hand with our enforcement contractor coming further out of the town centre to enforce littering and dog fouling issues, so I really do hope that this has a positive effect on the local environment.


Myself, Cllr Cain and some residents of the Central Drive area stencilling the pavements


You’ve been warned

By the way, myself and Cllr Cain along with some small community groups will be doing other parts of the ward with the stencil over the next few weeks (starting at East Bloomfield Residents Association bright and early tomorrow). If you live in the Bloomfield ward and you would like us to come and do your street, then drop me a line by the comments option above.

On Tuesday, I popped into St John’s Square at lunch time to an event called SAY NO TO HATE ran by the Police & Crime Commissioner for Lancashire. You may have read in the press that there has been a spike in hate crime over recent months against immigrants, muslims, LGBT people and disabled people. This event was to raise awareness of this and ask people to sign a pledge that they will not tolerate such damned unnecessary nastiness to other people. You can sign the pledge online HERE – please do so.


#saynotohate in St John’s Square

On Wednesday of this week, I chaired a Health Scrutiny Committee meeting where Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust gave the committee a progess report on improvements made to The Harbour (the mental healthcare facility in Marton near the M55 roundabout).

I was happy with the way the meeting went, and all committee members were able to ask the trust representatives a wide range of questions on their running of the facility. Please see the link to the agenda and report below:


This brings us to this afternoon. Myself and Cllr Cain were very pleased to drop off a load of gardening gear and litter collection stuff to the South Beach Drop-In Group that operate out of St Peters Church on Lytham Road. The group is coordinated by a very dedicated council officer and helps people to find training, helps with benefits and helps to access  other services – click HERE for their blog (it sounds like they have fun).

They are also undertaking small community projects, starting with jazzing up the garden at the side of St Peters Church – hence the dropping off of the gardening gear. They also hope to spread their work further afield in the ward in the not too distant. They seemed like a lovely bunch of people.


Myself and Cllr Cain and some of the members of the South Beach Drop-In Group

In terms of enquiries from residents of the ward, I was very pleased to assist a hotelier constituent last week with regards to a fly tipping problem. Even if I say so myself, I got that mess shifted double quick 🙂

I have also had calls about the dumper bins that I am having installed on Adrian Street – apologies for the delay people – they are on order and should be in situ soon.

Anyway, that’s me for now.



Reasons to be cheerful

Hello all

I’ve still been a busy wee councillor since my last post.

You may recall that in one of my first blogs, I mentioned that I had been looking at some arts type projects and some business orientated projects around Central Drive.

Well, last week I had a meeting with some very imaginative and dedicated officers and Andy from the Revoelution project (who are helping to fund much of this) and I can now give you some details of a few of the work streams:

Neon Works – Artist/ writer led project working with local groups to create texted based works to be fabricated in neon and displayed in empty shops along Central Drive. Neon artwork displayed in empty shops in line with illuminations period.

Illuminations on Central Drive – Installation of light works at each end of central Drive.

Central Cinema Heritage – To research the history of the cinema with Ibbison Court groups along with Tony Starkey to create graphic collage of historic photos and old film / event posters which celebrate the buildings history.

There are other work streams that are too early in the planning stage to give anything away on yet but the above the mini projects are in the works imminent.

What do you think?

Oh by the way, I can confirm that the Revoe Library Christmas tree will categorically be back this year (some of you have enquired about it).

Also last week, I chaired the Council Health Scrutiny Committee – items of particular note where the scrutinising of reports on the service provided to Blackpool from the North West Ambulance Service and the new Vanguard models of care – the link to the meeting can be found below:


I also attended the joint annual general meeting of the Blackpool and Fylde Clinical Commissioning Group last Thursday afternoon that gave an overview of their performance over the year, but most of my Thursday was taken up with the Tyldesley by-election. I was of course delighted to see David Collett elected as Blackpool’s newest councillor and I am certain that he will be an excellent representative for the people of the Tyldesley ward (and it’s also nice not to be the council newbie!).


David Collett (centre) just after his victory in Tyldesley had been announced.

Yesterday (Monday), I attended a PACT meeting at Ibbison Court – it’s always a pleasure to see the regulars there. I have logged an enquiry regarding drivers driving up the local one way system the wrong way and one of our officers took away another 20 enquiries (that should keep him busy!)

Tonight I attended a meeting with Cllr Cain with a representative from an organisation called Communities Can. This body sources assistance for small community groups – they don’t give away cash but they can provide vouchers for services that a group would otherwise have to pay for. As it is a trail project, Communities Can will cease to be, pending a review in December, so if there are any small community groups out there that could use this sort of help then either drop me a line or CLICK HERE for more info.

FLYTIPPING – this ol’ chestnut – this is my most common enquiry type from constituents – I dealt with a very bad tip on Royle Street (off Shaw Road) yesterday. Well, it’s being very seriously looked at and the much threatened mobile CCTV cameras will definitely be deployed soon (our officers are just finalizing a list of ward hot spots). So, fingers crossed, we should start nicking the so-and-so’s in the very near future.

Which brings me nicely onto this…


This was on my doormat when I got home tonight. Again, fingers crossed for some inconsiderate people getting their collars felt.

Right, I think that’s me done for the time being, so cheerio.