Let’s stick together…

Hello all

The council recess period came to an end a couple of weeks ago, and I have been very, very busy indeed – I’ve hardly seen my other half for days.

So, right off the bat, the Labour Party has a re-elected Jeremy Corbyn. I don’t think that this has surprised anybody at all involved in the party and I am looking forward to our focus shifting to hammering the Tories rather than internal war.


I am tentatively pleased at this point that there seems to be no signs of further rebellion and I really hope that all factions of the party, irrespective of who they voted can get behind our leader. The left and right of the party have co-existed for decades – we only get things done when we unite.

Anyhoo – what have I been up to? Over the last couple of weeks, I have been up to the following shenanigans:

Myself and Cllr Cain attend a Police And Communities Together (PACT) meeting at St Peter’s Church a couple of weeks ago – some positive outcomes from this meeting include the provision of hopper bins for Adrian Street to sort out the seagull/rubbish problem and the resolution of some antisocial behaviour issues around Lowrey Terrace.

I have attended training sessions on scrutiny best practice, auditting statements of accounts and public speaking as well as attending briefing sessions from the local Clinical Commissioning Group and a joint Health Scrutiny and Resilient Communities Scrutiny session.

I presented the Public Health Scrutiny Review to the Executive of the council and I have attended a practical information sharing event at the Winter Gardens run by the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment – there is a tonne of really interesting info on their website relating to health matters in the Blackpool area – more info below:


I also attended an audit committee meeting earlier this week as well as a full council meeting – the latter was rather long  and included a resolution of condolence for Cllr Eddie Collett and the twinning of Blackpool with Sanya in China – but for anybody interested then please find the webcast below:


I have also been out to see constituents on several matters including antisocial behaviour, alley gates, parking schemes and matters affecting businesses in the Lytham Road area to name but a few.

On Friday night, I spent from 9pm to 11pm with the licensing committee and our licensing officer on a tour of several establishments in the town centre to look at the effect of the alcohol trade and the night time ecomomy (Friday was a looooooonnnnggg day). Venues included The Winter Gardens, Funny Girls, Walkabout and a lap dancing bar. Needless to say, you really get to the the town warts and all on this sort of tour, but it was very interesting.


Queen Street during a licensing committee tour this Friday

I have also spent a lot of time helping in the Tyldesley by-election to get David Collett elected. I must say that the response on the doorsteps has been overwhelming positive (even with some of the rubbish being pushed by UKIP and the Tories in their literature), so anybody from the Tyldesley ward reading this, please don’t forget, THURSDAY 29 SEPTEMBER –  get out there, vote and #keepitcollett


Out campaigning with David Collett

Well, that’s me. I think that I deserve an hour with my other half now – I’ve spent the whole day preparing for a Health Scrutiny Committee that I am chairing on Wednesday so I can happily turn my PC off now.

Until next time,


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