Knock on wood


I know, I know, it’s been a while, but I’ve been away again at another festival for a few days – Festival No.6 in Portmerion. A superb little gathering this one – great bands, lovely people and a nice vibe. It absolutely chucked it down but it didn’t dampen peoples moods… until they tried getting out of the car park that was flooded. We had to be towed out. But still, it was ace and I would recommend it – it was very family orientated too so bringing the kids is cool. If anyone is interested enough, there is a video montage of the festival that I made on the bottom of this blog.

So other than gadding about at a festival, what else have I been up to?

Well, recess has just finished, so as well as dealing with constituent queries, etc, work has started again on the council’s statutory committees. I sit on the Licensing Committee and the Audit Committee as well as being chair of the Health Scrutiny Committee. The latter committee takes a lot of time to plan with council officers, so this has been taking me quite some time over the last few weeks.

Oh! A little bit of news for you – myself, Councillor Cain and council officers are at the very early stages in planning a new project called Blooming Bloomfield. This is going to be really, really exciting but I can’t give too much away now as it is still at the embryonic planning stage. Watch this space.

So what else have I been doing? Well, we have a by election underway in the neighbouring Tyldesley ward and I have been helping with the planning of the campaign and tonight I spent the first of many nights knocking on doors. Can you see what I did there? With the video at the top of the page? No? By the way, that was the first record that I ever bought when I was nine – I’ve always loved disco!

We have an excellent candidate up for election – David Collett, the son of Eddie Collett. Please find a link to his campaign page below and show him some support by liking the page and sharing his posts.


Right, I’m off. As ever, drop by soon,


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