Fun Fun Fun

Hello again

Well, after several months of preparation, the New Revoe Residents Fun Day finally arrived on Saturday and right on flippin’ queue the heavens opened and we had to have most of the stalls, etc, in Ibbison Court!

But that didn’t stop everybody who attended from having a great time. The kids who attended had a scream – they had free face painting, free hot dogs, free ice cream and a free donkey ride (the donkeys resolutely marched on through the torrents).


The Deputy Mayor and Mayoress opening the fun day.

And if  you are a tombolaphile (new word – I’m trademarking it) then this was the place for you – with 4 different tombolas on offer as well as loads of other ways to blow all the loose change in your pocket. I am told that the event raised over £600 for the association that we will be reinvested in the local community, so well done all!


The Revoelution Cloir

And of course, there was the brilliant Revoelution Choir there to sing a few songs – they were excellent as ever 🙂

Anyway, it’s only Tuesday but so far this week (after doing full days in work), I have attended a meeting a local church, helped deliver some leaflets and I have been out to see some residents regarding some issues that are affecting them.

On Sunday, I attended Absent – a new art installation in the Winter Gardens. I won’t say too much about it for fear of spoilers but I really enjoyed it – it’s really, really interesting. It’s not what I would call cheap though – but I would recommend it and I think that Blackpool could really do with more stuff that is a bit “out there”. See link here below:


Anyways, come back soon & take care


Wilderness? I think not

Hello again

Once again continued apologies for the blog slacking although this time I do have the excuse for being away for most of a week at a music festival. It was called Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire (see video from it above) – it was all very nice and the sun was shining, but the clientele were definitely a little…err…posher than what I am used to. They we doing £85 long table banquets there cooked by Raymond Blanc (who I stood next to watching Robert Plant). I think that I would honestly combust if I paid that for a meal – that’s 2 weekly shops for me and my Mrs. At festivals, I’m more used to half rice, half chips and curry sauce.

Anyway, since getting back, myself and Cllr Cain had another surgery at Bloomfield East Resi. Assn. – it wasn’t as busy as the last session but we took away a few residents enquiries that we are getting on with so it was still worth while.

I have also attended a couple of meetings to help organise the New Revoe Residents Association Fun Day this Saturday (20th) – see below. If you live in the area, then please do bring the kids along – there’s loads to do – it starts at noon and it won’t break the bank.


This evening, I have done some door knocking along Ribble Road and have taken away a few issues to refer to council officers – I hope that these can be resolved quickly and for anyone that I met this evening, then it was a pleasure to meet you.

I also see that the massive eye sore that was 75-88 Central Drive has now been fully demolished (see photo). I realise that this will be converted into a car park for the short term, but I am sure that you will agree, the Drive looks better without those rotten buildings.


The site of 75-88 Central Drive

For anyone living on Palatine Road, myself and Cllr Cain have just approved metal alley gates for alleys at the Central Drive and Park Road ends of the road to combat some antisocial behaviour issues in these areas – they should be installed soon.

Anyhoo, drop by soon.

Cheers, Jim