Keeping busy…


Sorry for the above but I went to see the new Star Trek movie in the Winter Gardens on Sunday, so I couldn’t resist! Please see my last blog post ref. the Star Trek festival.

A short blog today as we have just entered the recess period in the Council so most of the statutory committees, etc, don’t resume until September.

I did sit on a licensing panel at the end of last week. Where there is a contentious situation regarding a council provided license (an alcohol license to a hotel in this instance), a panel of councillors decide if any action should be taken regarding the license.

This was an open an shut case as there were some clear antisocial behaviour issues associated with alcohol sales on the premises so the license was revoked.

As per the title of the blog, I have been keeping busy though. As well as dealing with email and phone call enquiries, I have spent the last few evenings door knocking and speaking to people on the New Foxhall Estate.


The next phase of the new Foxhall Development taking shape

Some issues regarding noise pollution and dangerous driving have been reported to me by several residents and I have requested that council officers look at these issues with some urgency. I will update anyone affected by this as soon as I hear something back.

And finally, for those with an artistic bent, it’s the Sand, Sea and Spray urban art festival taking place across Blackpool this weekend. International artists will be creating art all across the town – check out the link below:


Anyway, take care and drop by soon,


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