What difference 2 weeks make!

Well, politics, eh?

I am sure that like myself, you are all a bit confused and bemused by what has gone on since the result of the EU referendum.

Both Labour and Conservative parties seem a bit drama ridden at the mo don’t they? Nevermind, it’ll be Christmas soon.

Anyway, what have I been up to over the last week or so?

OK, just over a week ago, I attended the ceremony to mark the end of Armed Forces week at the cenotaph. It was a very well attended event with hundreds of people coming out the show their support for armed personnel past and present. The spitfire flypast was awesome too.

armed 2

The ceremony at the cenotaph

I have also attended several training sessions around chairing skills and scrutiny roles – I have my first Health Scrutiny Committee this Wednesday with myself as the chair.

On Wednesday, we had full council. The stand out item on the agenda this month was the item on extending the tramway up to Blackpool North Station. Completion of these works should roughly coincide with the electrification of the railway line. This means that you will be able to get fast, intercity trains from Blackpool without changing at Preston. Having a tram link from the station is therefore a no brainer. You will be able to jump on a tram at Bispham and then jump an intercity train from the tram stop. How good is that?

Although my personal highlight from the council meeting was the leader of the council explaining to the leader of the opposition that nutrients in milk are absorbed in the digestive system of children and not their teeth ^^. #notagcseinthehouse

I also attending the audit committee last week. This committee isn’t everyones cup of tea as it is quite a figures heavy committee, but I have to confess as to rather enjoying in (yes, I was the class swot).

This weekend, myself and Cllr Cain did one of our ward drive arounds.

Do Currys have a sale on at the mo? We saw and reported the following dumped items: 9 TV’s, 5 fridges, 4 freezers, 3 couchs and 5 beds amongst other dumped stuff.

As well as making the area look a complete mess, dumping things like fridges and freezers are dangerous – kids have been killed when they have fallen over.


Tipping found in the ward over the weekend

Fly tipping really does P me off. It shows no respect to the area or neighbours and it is so easy to arrange for the council to come and collect bulky items – link below should you ever need it.


Anway, I’m off to work and then so see my lad who turns 18 today, so laters folks.

Drop by soon, Jim


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