I think that Kylie puts it perfectly…

Hello all – just a very short blog this morning – my phone has packed up and is at the factory getting fixed, so this blog isn’t as pictorial as usual.

Over the last week, I have been helping to organise the Revoe Residents Association Fun Day – things seems to be coming along nicely on that front with several local community groups saying that they will be attending.

I also sat on the council Tourism, Economy and Resources Scrutiny Committee – I found this very interesting with the agenda points being as diverse as the engagement of consultants, tourism performance data (measuring tourist footfall in the town) and parking services.

As well as taking phone call/email public enquiries, I spent a couple of hours on Saturday knocking on doors on Bagot Street and St Bedes – it was good to get out there speaking to constituents and I came away with a load of constituent enquiries to sort out.

I must of course mention Jo Cox. What a bloody awful, horrendous thing to have happened to that woman. I just cannot get my head around the hatred that some people are walking around with – I genuinely pity them – it must be an awful life to be powered by hate.

Jeremy Corbyn called the atmosphere that supported this mind set as “a (communal) well of hatred” – I think that this perfectly describes the situation. We have all been drip fed bigotry by the right wing press for over 10 years now and it has lead to a  nasty, accusatory feeling embedding into the mindset of the nation where we blame our self created problems on minorities.

If you don’t want to buy into this “well of hatred” then you have a very clear choice on Thursday.

Takes care, Jim



Out on the EU Remain campaign at Blackpool North Station yesterday with young master Brookes.

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