Proud to be IN

Hello – sorry for once again being a bit of a slacker with the blogs!

So what have I been up to?

The week before last week myself and some colleagues did some EU canvassing for the Remain campaign around Lytham Road last week.

Most of the people who say that they are voting to leave cite immigration as the reason. I cannot emphasise enough how this issue is being used as smoke and mirrors by the right wing to attack our rights. Please take the time to watch the video link below – it’s only 10 minutes long but it does explain why it is vital that we remain in the EU:


EU door knocking in the Bloomfield ward

Also, that week, myself and Cllr Cain had a meeting with council officers about the proposed Lytham Road area new parking scheme. 

The scheme is being proposed as 66% of those questioned in a series of consultations were in favour of a parking scheme in the area. I must say that if I were a resident, I would be in favour a scheme – parking on those roads is a complete nightmare. The new scheme should generate around 250 new parking spaces.

We realise that the scheme will not please everybody but we have to go with the wishes of the majority. That said, if you live in the area, you can raise an objection to the plan before 1 July 2016.

Last weekend, myself and Lisette took a few days off and went camping for a much needed recharge. We went to a site near Machynlethh just north of Aberystwyth and it was brilliant. It was out in the middle of nowhere – if you want a few days just chilling surrounded by stunning countryside and hills then this is the spot – link below for any campers reading this:


On arriving back in Blackpool on the Monday, it was straight back into it with a PACT meeting that evening. Again the perenial problems of fly tipping of alley gates were the main crux of the discussions – as ever we will do what we can in terms of clean up and enforcement measures – just keep reporting it to us.

On Tuesday evening I attended a meeting of the councils Scrutiny Committee chairs as I am the newly appointed chair of the Health Scrutiny Committee.

This committee will scrutinise all apsects of health provision provided in the town with the view to improving services. As you can imagine, the scope of this committee is enormous so I trust that it will prove extremely interesting to run as the chair.

On Thursday afternoon, I attended the Healthy Lancashire briefing in the town hall. I won’t dwell too long on this point as the process is only in the early stages, but essentially the plan is to streamline and improve health services by taking a pan-Lancashire approach to certain services. An example of such provision is already up and running – if you have a heart attack in any part of Lancashire, you will probably be brought to the Vic as the heart attack unit there is the best in the county and your survival chances are far better there even taking the ambulance journey into consideration.

I took an another afternoon off on Friday to prepare for Blackpool Pride on the Saturday. I had to blow up Blackpool Labour balloons. Many, many balloons…just using my lungs – I looked like Pinocchio by the end of it!

Pride – Blackpool Labour really did themselves proud. We had a great turn out and did the parade with LGBT Labour. The heavens opened and we all got drenched but the atmosphere was brilliant. Please see a selection of the pics below:






Blackpool Labour at Pride

And finally, myself and Cllr Cain offer surgeries at the end of our PACT meetings at Ibbison Court and St Peters, but we are trialling additional stand alone surgeries.

Our first is on this Tuesday 14 June 6pm at Bloomfield East Community Association, 38 St Helier`s Road, Blackpool. If there is anything that you would like to discuss, then please come along.

Right! That’s me done. Take care and drop by soon.


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