Scrutiny, the IN Campaign, a massive mog and a working mans club.

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Greetings all

Since I last checked in on Wednesday, I’ve still been chasing my tail.

On Thursday, I attended a the council scrutiny committee as an observer – the Resilient Communities Scrutiny Committee.

These committees exist for a panel of councillors made up of both the red and blue variety to scrutinise the provision of council services and functions.

This was a very interesting meeting that looked at the provision of children’s services and the Better Start program. Please click the link below to view the agenda and a look at the presentations:


I then had a well deserved Friday night off (it was my first night off for several days) and watched The Hateful 8. I say watched – I lasted about half an hour and fell asleep! It doesn’t appear to be one of Tarantino’s better efforts which is a bit of a shame, as I’ve loved everything else that he has done.

I then had a group meeting with the Labour Group at the Town Hall on Saturday morning to go over the agendas for the two Council meetings on Monday (the latter one includes the making of our new Mayor, the very splendid Kath Rowson).

After the meeting, I dashed across to the Highfield Road area to meet a group of activists doing some doorstep campaigning for the EU Remain campaign. I had the pleasure of meeting one of our MEPs, Julie Ward, during this session.

Leaving the EU would be madness, utterly madness. As well as the inevitable huge economic uncertainty, we would lose loads of rights including human rights and employment rights provision. The leave campaign is being driven by the right wing who want to get rid of these rights – don’t buy into their madness. The Boris Johnsons, Michael Goves and Nigel Bloody Farages in this debate DO NOT HAVE YOUR BEST INTERESTS AT HEART!


Campaigning with Julie Ward MEP


The IN crowd

Rant over. After this session, I had the pleasure of attending the opening of a new exhibition at the Grundy Art Gallery.

It is a completely new exhibition having its world debut at the Grundy, called This Kolossal Kat, that Massive MOG by Turner Prize winning artist Mark Leckey.

If you haven’t been, get up off the couch or armchair or wherever you are reading this, and get yourself down to the Grundy. The exhibition is awesome and something really prestigious for Blackpool. Honestly – GET YOURSELF DOWN THERE – IT’S REALLY GOOD!

feeling_the_cat_small fel

Felix the Cat shenanigans down at the Grundy

I then had to leg it to catch the tail end of the birthday celebration for New Revoe Residents Association at the Brunswick club – a lovely bunch of people, so Happy Birthday you lot!

It was then back into the car for an evening in Liverpool – I’d been the worst son in the world and hadn’t seen my folks in weeks!

Anyway, I seem to have another busy week in store next week, so drop my soon to catch up.


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