Can you dig it?

Press play and enjoy whilst you read – you’ll see why I picked the tune in a mo.

I’ve been a very, very busy bee since I last checked in.

I spent Saturday morning and lunch time with the good folks of New Revoe Residents Association shifting 3 tons of compost that was delivered for their community garden with Cllr Cain.

It’s always a pleasure to meet with this group and we had a bit of a laugh whilst we grafted. Many hands made light work as they say and we soon shifted the massive pile of dirt!



Shifting a mighty big pile of dirt!

It was then back home for quick shower and change to attend an musical entertainment evening hosted by the Fylde Coast Hindu Society in Poulton. 

Again, these are a lovely group of people who made myself and Lisette feel very welcome and we will definitely be attending future events that they host.

Their events are open to all, irrespective of your religion and if you see any of their events advertised, you should definitely give it a go. Where else can you be treated to Bollywood dancing and singing for 3 hours for FREE (and an amazing plate of food too)?


Lisette having a go with the much more experienced Bollywood dancers from Fylde Coast Hindu Society

I spent most of Sunday writing the Politically Correct column in this weeks Blackpool Gazette (publish today). Have a read (click the link below) – I discuss just how far away the life of the average millionaire Tory frontbencher is away from mine and yours, the great stuff going on in the Bloomfield Ward and Sadiq Khan.


Monday night was the Labour Group Local Campaign Forum (LCF). The focus of this meeting was predominantly the forthcoming EU referendum and some campaigning around this.

Tuesday evening, myself and Cllr Cain met with council officers to discuss the creation of a conservation area around Foxhall Village – this plan is only on the drawing board stage at the mo, so there will be more to follow when there is more meat on the bone of the proposals.

That brings us to this evening. After racing to the Town Hall after work (the traffic between Lytham and Blackpool was the pits), myself and some fellow councillors attended a 2 hour Dementia Training session. This training was superbly delivered – I learned a lot and was engaged for the whole session (I have to confess, if training sessions go over an hour, I am usually jamming pencils in my leg to keep me awake – this was not the case tonight!).

Phew! As you can see, I’m busy-busy!

Anyways, my bed is calling, so nighty-night!


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