Keep Blackpool Tidy and PACT

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Due to the bank holiday weekend just gone, it’s quite a short blog this week.

On Tuesday evening, myself and some fellow councillors were given a presentation by Keep Britain Tidy with the theme of making Blackpool the cleanest resort in Britain by 2020.


As I am sure any Blackpool resident will agree, we have a problem with litter in the town and other types of waste issues such as fly tipping and dog fouling, so that target is an ambitious one.

Interestingly though, Keep Britain Tidy surveyed 50 areas in and around the town and found it to be no worse than other towns of similar size.

Also interestingly, they only found dog fouling in 2% of the sites surveyed.I assume that they concentrated in the town centre and not where I live or in the ward as you need to be proficient at hop-scotch on some streets to avoid unfortunate foot falls!

Anyway, the Keep Britain Tidy campaign centres around prevention. There are some quick wins to be implemented such as bins with cigarette stubbers on them and signage warning of littering enforcement.

As stated in an earlier blog, we are looking at rolling out mobile CCTV cameras around the Bloomfield area, so litters and dog foulers, we’re coming for you (with fines).

On Wednesday evening, myself and Cllr Cain attended a Police And Communities Acting Together (PACT) meeting in St Peter’s on Lytham Road.

It was good to see so many people coming out and actively trying to improve the area.

Activities such as littering and parking were discussed as well as an extremely serious matter of anti social behaviour affecting several residents. It really does appear to be an horrendous situation for those affected but hopefully the plan that has been instigated by council officers and the police to deal with this matter will soon bear fruit.

Last night, I had a night off as I worked late, but I did deal with some resident enquiries such as issues with “boy racers” causing disturbances.

I did rather enjoy the first episode of new series of Peaky Blinders last night – I cannot recommend this show enough – it’s ace so give it a go.


Anyhoo, I’m off to a meeting of Blackpool South Constituency Labour Party now to hear what is going on at a national level within the party (Gordon Marsden MP will be there) and 1 or 2 beers may be quaffed afterwards – but not too many as I am off to shift 3 tonnes of compost in the morning for the lovely folks at Revoe Residents Association.

Until next time, Jim

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