Yiddish Folk Music, Felix the Cat & Poetry

I thought that with all the Labour Party antisemitism garbage flying around in the press this week, you may enjoy the music below. It is by a Canadian band who do traditional Yiddish folk stuff. The CD is great – press play below and give it a try (it features on the soundtrack to a very, very, very funny New Zealand movie called What We Do In The Shadows).

In my very humble opinion, in a modern democracy, you should be able to  legitimately criticise the actions of the Israeli government against the Palestinian people without being called an antisemite. Granted, the way in which some party members have gone about this has been ill considered to say the least.

So then, let’s get on to what I have been up to this week.

Well, earlier in the week, I attended some diversity training at the town hall. As a civil servant and union rep. I have done this sort of training before, but I have to say the content and delivery but the council officers of this training was first class.

Myself and Cllr Cain have written to business owners on Central Drive this week with a view to installing advertising banners along the Drive. These will look like the ones that run along Yeadon Way and should really improved the look of the road. This is just one of a raft of measures that we are looking at the spruce up the area.

On Wednesday, I gave a lift campaigning to a couple of colleagues in Lancaster – Lizzi Collinge who is standing for a County Council seat and Oscar Thynne who is standing for a town council seat in the forthcoming local elections. It was a pleasure to meet them both and they will both serve the town well.

That reminds me – this Thursday May 5th – get your bums off the couch and go out to vote in the Police and Crime Commissioners election. Clive Grunshaw has done an amazing job not just locally, but nationally in highlighting the effects of Tory cuts on policing. He really has grafted for Lancashire, so come on, get out there and get him relected.


Out campaigning with Lizzi Collinge and Oscar Thynne in Lancaster

On Thursday, I was delighted to be shown around the Grundy Art gallery by some council officers. I really do think that this gallery is a little gem and if you don’t nip in regularly, then please do. There is ALWAYS some thing there to prick your interest.

There is an exhibition starting on 16 May that I am told is going to be great. It is by a Turner Prize winning artist called Mark Leckey and is based on Felix the Cat! Click the image below for the link:


I then spoke to the council officers about progress and some ideas that we have regarding improving Central Drive using the arts community in the town (still at ideas stage – more on this to follow later).

As well as all of the above, I am actively organising the Revoe Residents Assn Fun Day in August and a Labour Party presence at Blackpool Pride in June (and ward enquiries, of course).

Finally, I was rather looking forward to attending the Mayday Fun In The Park at Devonshire Road Rock Gardens today – but of course our weather has been up to its usual shenanigans and the event was cancelled. Boo!

Anyhoo – off to the Pub Poets tonight at the Bootleg Social. This happens once a month on a Sunday night and some absolutely amazing Blackpool poets turn up. It really is a fun night and if you have never been to poetry night before then give it a go – honest – it’s a proper laugh. Link to the FB page for updates and the events:


Until next time, Jim

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