You don’t have to be cool to rule my world…


I wasn’t a big fan, but I was sorry to hear of the passing of Prince yesterday. He did do some good songs though, so why don’t you press play on the video below for some background music for todays blog? It may not be to everyone’s taste, but I think that it’s a belter.

I was delighted to attend an event that was part of the Blackpool Shakespeare Fest earlier today where the Revoelution Choir performed some songs. These really are a great bunch of people and a massive credit to Blackpool. It’s very exciting times for the choir at the mo but I am keeping them zipped :p


The wonderful Revoelution Choir earlier today

After the choir session, I caught up with Andy from the Revoelution project to touch base on a couple of ideas regarding Central Drive but more on this to follow later.

Earlier in the week, myself and Councillor Cain had a look at some possible sites where we can position our mobile CCTV cameras. These will be out to catch fly tippers and people who let their dogs foul the streets. Be warned you lot – BIG BROTHER WILL BE WATCHING YOU…AND HANDING YOU A BIG FINE TOO.

I have also been helping to plan the Revoe Residents Association fun day – keep Saturday August 2oth free. Again more to follow later (sorry that I’m not giving much away in this blog).

What else have I been up to? Erm… well, sorting general enquiries regarding alley gates, fly tipping and anti social behaviour to name but 3 things.

I have also been delivering yet more leaflets (see below). I was out of the house at 5am on Thursday doing this. If the lady who opened her door at 5.30 am in the semi-darkness to find a large man in her porch holding a leaflet reads this, then please accept my apologies. If it is any consolation to you, I think that I jumped more than you did :p


Anyways, I need to fly, so cheerio.


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