Leaflets, leaflets, leaflets


A bunch of very damp Labour activists on Saturday

Greetings all

I managed to have quite a busy weekend.

I attended my first Labour Group AGM on Saturday morning and found myself appointed chief whip of the group. I’m still not entirely sure what this entails but I am told that you actually get a real whip, which is exciting. I asked if there were any other accessories available such as masks and harnesses, etc, but I think I just get the whip.

I then attended leafleting sessions around Marton on Saturday lunch time and then another session later in the afternoon to deliver the Blackpool Voice leaflet – if you live in Blackpool then one will be dropping through your letterbox in the very near future (it covers issues such as the Tory cuts to council funding, the Police and Crime Commissioner election and the EU referendum). Please do read it when it arrives.

Sunday was more of the same with more leafleting around Bispham. My poor feet throbbing yesterday evening :p

Tonight, I have started sorting out a Blackpool Labour presence at Blackpool Pride in June. This will be a cracking day out and everyone in the area really should try to get to the parade – it really was a fun day last year.

But more on this at a later date.

Finally, is anyone in the slightest bit surprised about this (click the image)? I certainly am not. The video underneath provides the perfect soundtrack whilst reading the article.


Cheerio, and as ever, drop by soon.


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