Hello again – another short one today.

Myself and Councillor Cain attended the Revoe-lution AGM this morning (Sat 19.3.2016).

It was really good to see that things are starting to come together on this project and residents of the area should start to see the impact of the project soon.

Revoe-lution is a lottery funded project that will inject £1M into the local area over the next few years by way of projects covering everything from the general environment to children’s services to improving the local shopping experience.

It was also good to meet the new project manager, Andy, who seems to be a thoroughly sound chap.

Apology – last night I was accosted by somebody who pointed out that I had not covered the Easter Bonnet Parade at Ibbison Court earlier in the week run by the residents association (you know who you are…I’m looking over the top of my glasses at you).


So apologies for that – the millinery was amazing and it was a very pleasant lunch time out for me. Thanks, you lot 🙂

Come back soon, y’all.


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