Who you gonna call?


Myself, Councillor Cain and Blackpool Council officers.

I had a very interesting morning yesterday with Councillors Cain and Campbell around the Prom end of Lytham Road.

Time and again, the problem of fly tipping and untidy properties come out right at the top of local causes of concern.

So we therefore organised a “walkabout” around the area with several council officers from Licensing, Environmental Protection, Streetscene and other departments with a view to cleaning up the area.

Until I started campaigning a few weeks ago, when I thought of fly tipping, images of bin bags in remote county lanes would spring to mind. I had no idea that it was such a massive problem in Blackpool and in particular the Bloomfield ward. I have found it absolutely astonishing as to just how much rubbish and junk that people tip onto the streets and alleyways in the area. It’s a disgrace.

Btw the way – it’s dead easy to report a fly tip to the council – the fastest way is by clicking THIS LINK HERE.

So with this is mind, we organised the walkabout to help make the area a cleaner, safer place for locals. We covered a significant part of the ward and the council officers have taken a lot of info away with them to start coordinating the clean up.

As well as tipping in the street and in alleys, we also looked at back yards. Again, the amount of junk thrown into yards is an eye opener. As well as making the area look awful, the junk can also create risks such as fire hazards and vermin breeding grounds. Our officers will be contacting the owners shortly to ensure that the yards are cleared. Please see below for a very small selection of the photos taken yesterday.





So after the walk about, it was back to work for a few hours before attending a Local Campaign Forum meeting last night. This meeting covered the forthcoming Police & Crime Commissioner elections and the EU Referendum – but more on these campaigns in a later blog.

Drop by soon, Jim.

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