And so to business…

I’ve had my first few resident enquiries.

Confidentially obviously means that I can’t go into details of the calls, but I have been able to either deal with the problems or at least be able to give updates on the issues of concern. So I feel quite good about that – proper councilloring 🙂

Incidentally, for any Bloomfield ward residents reading this, then please feel free to contact me anytime on 0780 7995828 or email – I work full time so I might not be able to answer your query immediately, but I will return your call. I promise.

So what else I have done this week?

Well, training and induction mostly. It’s not terribly thrilling, so I won’t bore you with those details.

I did attend my first Labour Group meeting this week. This is made up of the Blackpool Labour councillors and a few lay members. That was an interesting meeting covering some big picture type stuff and I have to say that I rather enjoyed it.

Today (Saturday), I had a 9am meeting with Cllr Cain to appraise me of several ward issues. I then kept my promise to a constituent who I met whilst canvassing a few weeks ago. After a longish chat on his doorstep, I promised him that if I was successful in my campaign that I would come back to hear his concerns – so I did.

I then finished the morning with a photo call for the Stronger In Europe campaign at the comedy carpet in town. 6 people turned up. I will just park that here other than to say that I hope that the organisers really up their game over the next few months.

On a national politics level, I was very pleased to see that the Shadow Chancellor has put forward a coherent approach to the economy. The economy was an issue that stung the Labour Party in the last election as many people simply didn’t trust us. I really hope that John McDonnell’s plans announced this week start to address this. Click the link below to the Guardian Article on this.


Anyway, do drop by again soon.





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