First day at the office (well, sort of)


Well, today is day one of being a councillor and thankfully it has been a quiet, gentle introduction.

After dropping my partner off at work, I spent the early part of the morning delivering thank you cards to the activists who have helped me during my campaign.

I then had a mid morning meeting with councillors Simon Blackburn, Gillian Campbell and Graham Cain to consider sitting on some council committee’s. Two committees have been identified as suitable, but I’ll let you know what they are once everything is confirmed.

I then had another meeting this afternoon with somebody from Democratic Services to do all the admin stuff that is required to be a councillor and to set my IT up.

It’s now 8pm and after picking Lizzie up from work, I am now ploughing through a load of emails forwarded to me by Councillor Cain to bring myself up to speed with several issues in the ward. I’ve also got a tonne of reading to try to get done before the Walking Dead at 9 (EVERYTHING stops for the Walkind Dead!).

Anyway, back to work tomorrow – it seems a like I’ve been off for a verrrry long time (6 days!).




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