Well, what a journey it’s been…


We did it!

Not only did I win, but we increased the Labour share of the vote by 13%!

I would like to sincerely thank the marvellous people of the Bloomfield ward for their support and I really do hope that I can make you proud.

I would like to thank numerous helpers from Blackpool Labour (& Fleetwood!) for many hours worth of graft and trudging the streets of the ward for the last few weeks.

The following people deserve a special mention for the huge amount of time and effort that they have ploughed into the campaign: Councillor Mark Smith, Councillor Martin Mitchell, Shaun Brookes, Rob Wood, Councillor Vikki Singleton and last but by no means least Councillor Graham Cain.

Anyway, my councillor induction training starts on Monday and I am told that it will take some weeks before I am fully trained up and up to speed but I will keep you posted on how that goes.

So, as of Monday, I am open for business for all your councillor needs and I will be making good on my promises to work hard for the people of Bloomfield.

But before then it’s back to Bootle to see my mum for mothers day and a drink (or two!).

Blogs as a fully functioning councillor starts next week so drop by then.

Thank you all once again, Jim.

the morning after

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