Decent weather at last!

It’s the last Saturday of the campaign and the gods of local political campaigning finally smiled upon us and granted us some decent weather. Hurrah!

It’s great to start the day with a laugh, isn’t it? I therefore thoroughly enjoyed reading the final page of the UKIP leaflet for their Bloomfield campaign. Along with all the usual ill considered waffle on the leaflet, they endorsed the final page as below:


“What’s wrong with that?” I hear you say.

Do you notice how the wording “MAR 3RD” looks a little smudged? Well, that’s because it’s a piece of paper glued onto the leaflet. They had the leaflet printed with the wrong date on it. I could type more on this matter but I will simply leave it with the following hashtag: #likeapro

(I also think that the grammar and punctuation are a little iffy on the line above the one in question too.)

It’s fair to say that we had a small army of supporters out this morning – a load more turned up after the photo was taken below, so I think that there were 30 plus activists on the streets of Bloomfield today, so many, many, many thanks to them all once again. We also had some none member local residents turn up to help too (you know who you are).


The good folks of Blackpool Labour & local supporters

After the morning session, I quickly dashed to St John’s Square to catch the tail end of the street stall run by Gordon Marsden MP promoting the Labour IN campaign for the EU referendum and a certain Labour Party candidate standing in the Bloomfield by-election.


Gordon Marsden MP and local activists in Blackpool this afternoon

After a super fast bacon butty, I had to get back to Revoe Library to meet up with even more activists to do an afternoon canvassing session. We got some really useful data this afternoon, so thank you Pat, Gordon, Amy and Kim 🙂

Phew! I am sure that you will agree, that was a busy day!

Right, I’m off now. I’m having a night out in Blackpool with the Mrs and I am hoping for a kip in in the morning (the first in weeks).

Drop by again soon and don’t forget – VOTE JIM HOBSON ON MARCH 3RD!!!

Cheerio, Jim.

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