Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Another Saturday morning, another very wet meet up at Revoe Library.

However, that didn’t stop a load of activists from Blackpool and Fleetwood Labour turning up to canvas the ward this morning. I cannot thank you all enough.

20160220_105715 20160220_112633_HDR

The awesome activists from Blackpool & Fleetwood Labour.

Even though rain did stop play, we got a load of canvassing done and spoke to a load of people on the doorstep – I got a lot of confirmed votes so that makes me feel good 🙂

I then had an hour at home to grab a butty before going out again in the afternoon to do even more canvassing with Councillors Graham Cain and Gillian Campbell – again we got quite a few confirmed voters on the doorstep and a couple of Vote Jim posters up, so it was a good session.

I then delivered a load of leaflets around Central Drive and the surrounding area.

I’ve just got home – my feet are throbbing (I’ve walked miles today)!

Nevermind – I can take my soggy boots off now and have a chill for the night (until tomorrow morning when I am out again with a group from Young Labour).

Laters, Jim

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