And even more campaigning and a meet with some very nice people

I haven’t stopped today. Honestly.

I should have dropped off some envelopes that I had addressed up at Graham Cain’s house this morning at 7.30 am (I had been labeling them until after midnight) but my phone decided to do a software update and it turned my alarm off – I woke up at 7.50!

So I have been chasing my tail somewhat today.

So I got to Graham’s at 8.10, dropped the envelopes off, came back home, picked up the Mrs, drove to Warton, dropped her off at work, drove to Bispham and picked up the new batch of leaflets. Phew!

Then, I drove into Blackpool to pick up Rob Wood and we went leafleting on the Erdington Road side of Central Drive. I then drove home, got changed and went to see the amazing people at Revoe Residents Association at their Memory Lunch.


Some of the amazing people at Revoe Residents Association


Angie from the Association

These are an amazing friendly group of people doing some absolutely brilliant work. And for just £1 you can get a very decent lunch (yep – that was £1!).

It was great to meet these good folks (and I hope to see a lot more of them provided that the election goes my way in a couple of weeks). It really was a pleasure to meet them.

I then dashed back home, got changed back into my scruff, and then met up with Graham again. We then did a leaflet blitz around the Ashton/Ribble area.

This brings us to 4pm – when I met up with another 4 canvassers (thank you – you know who you are). We then spent another 2 hours dropping off material around Lytham Road.

I then dropped my co-leafletter, Councillor Martin Mitchell off back home and then went to buy another 400 envelopes. Then back to Warton to pick the Mrs up from work, stopping off at Graham Cains house again to pick up several hundred address labels.

Finally back home for 8pm and I then spent the last hour sticking labels on envelopes.

I’m pooped.

I’m off for a well deserved glass of wine and a catch up of last nights X-Files and The Walking Dead.

Cheerio – drop by again soon.

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