More campaigning

We had another great turn out from Blackpool Labour this weekend for some doorstep campaigning. Twenty plus activists braved the cold (including Gordon Marsden MP) to speak to residents about the by-election and any issues that they currently have.

I took the opportunity to speak to the residents of the new Foxhall Village development.


I have to say that I really like the design of these houses – I think that they look great and provide some really decent housing in the ward. I would like to see more of this kind of development in Bloomfield.

I also went to Bloomfield East Residents Association and met some very pleasant people there. I was very impressed by their passion about their local area and I hope to be in regular contact with this group.

I have a busy week coming up with more door knocking, leafleting and visiting other community groups (and more meetings, of course).

Whilst this is national news, did you read about the Mr Cameron & Co. bailing out struggling Tory councils in the south whilst leaving struggling northern Labour councils who are being ravaged by massive cuts imposed by central government with nothing? This is absolutely outrageous.

Please think of this when casting your vote in a couple of weeks. The story can be read BY CLICKING HERE.

Anyway, will post again soon so cheerio.


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