Decent weather at last!

It’s the last Saturday of the campaign and the gods of local political campaigning finally smiled upon us and granted us some decent weather. Hurrah!

It’s great to start the day with a laugh, isn’t it? I therefore thoroughly enjoyed reading the final page of the UKIP leaflet for their Bloomfield campaign. Along with all the usual ill considered waffle on the leaflet, they endorsed the final page as below:


“What’s wrong with that?” I hear you say.

Do you notice how the wording “MAR 3RD” looks a little smudged? Well, that’s because it’s a piece of paper glued onto the leaflet. They had the leaflet printed with the wrong date on it. I could type more on this matter but I will simply leave it with the following hashtag: #likeapro

(I also think that the grammar and punctuation are a little iffy on the line above the one in question too.)

It’s fair to say that we had a small army of supporters out this morning – a load more turned up after the photo was taken below, so I think that there were 30 plus activists on the streets of Bloomfield today, so many, many, many thanks to them all once again. We also had some none member local residents turn up to help too (you know who you are).


The good folks of Blackpool Labour & local supporters

After the morning session, I quickly dashed to St John’s Square to catch the tail end of the street stall run by Gordon Marsden MP promoting the Labour IN campaign for the EU referendum and a certain Labour Party candidate standing in the Bloomfield by-election.


Gordon Marsden MP and local activists in Blackpool this afternoon

After a super fast bacon butty, I had to get back to Revoe Library to meet up with even more activists to do an afternoon canvassing session. We got some really useful data this afternoon, so thank you Pat, Gordon, Amy and Kim 🙂

Phew! I am sure that you will agree, that was a busy day!

Right, I’m off now. I’m having a night out in Blackpool with the Mrs and I am hoping for a kip in in the morning (the first in weeks).

Drop by again soon and don’t forget – VOTE JIM HOBSON ON MARCH 3RD!!!

Cheerio, Jim.

Into the final week…

Drum roll…we’re in to the final week of campaigning, so I thought a little synopsis of my last few days activity may be in order.

On Tuesday, I met Kathryn, the coordinator of the Revoelution project.

This is a lottery funded project centred around the Revoe area of the ward – there is £1m to spend in the area over the next few years to improve the quality of life of local residents.

The scope of the project is huge, covering everything from the development of local business to improving the general health of the local population.

Plans have been finalised to cover the first 2 years of the project and Kathryn very kindly took the time out to discuss this with me. Many thanks to Kathryn.

On a completely unpolitically related matter, myself and my partner attended a heritage tour of the Tower and Ballroom organised by Fylde Coast LGBT Strategic Partnership.

It was absolutely amazing, and if you haven’t been, then do try and get on one of these heritage tours.

The architecture that Blackpool boasts is truly amazing, and you can get a really good look on one of these tours.

The highlight of the tour was definitely the tower – Blackpool at night from up there looked brilliant – see below:

20160223_182741_HDR 20160223_182529_HDR

20160223_184138_HDR 20160223_184700_HDR

On Wednesday, I took my son to take his fourth driving theory test as Bispham and not wanting to break his run, he failed it for the fourth time. Words fail.

Along with my other half, I then spend Wednesday evening folding hundreds and hundreds of leaflets. However, a couple of GnT’s and some music actually made it a very pleasant evening.

Thursday afternoon was a busy one.

First of all, I attended the Young at Heart group’s second birthday party at Ibbison Court.

This group is run by the brilliant Rev. Augusta Gibrill and it really was great to see the positive impact that the group has on those attending. I also met some very nice people there, so Happy Birthday to you all!

This was then followed by another canvas session around Ibbison and yet again, I am in debt to those who have taken the time out to help me. Blackpool Labour really does have some of the most committed members and I cannot thank them enough.

We also bumped into two supporters on the canvas session proudly wearing Labour rosettes – both are going to be voting for me apparently – see below:



Thursday was then rounded off by attending the council meeting where the budget cuts were discussed.

Council Leader Simon Blackburn gave a detailed account of how Tory cuts are disproportionately affecting Blackpool and that a relief fund made available by the government is being spent in predominantly southern Tory authorities.

The Tory leader in the chamber then got up to speak. It’s hard to believe that the Tories had the audacity to even stand up to counter Simon’s report, given that Cameron & Co. have drained £400m out of the local economy over the last 6 years. They’re a disgrace.

So, that covers the last few days. I’m actually going into work today to do a full days work (so that will make a change!).

But it’s full steam ahead for tomorrow with a leafleting session at 10.30 in the morning and a canvas session at 2.30 in the afternoon. The meet up point is Revoe Library for both sessions. All supporters are more than welcome to attend.

Anyway – that’s me done for now so drop by soon.


Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Another Saturday morning, another very wet meet up at Revoe Library.

However, that didn’t stop a load of activists from Blackpool and Fleetwood Labour turning up to canvas the ward this morning. I cannot thank you all enough.

20160220_105715 20160220_112633_HDR

The awesome activists from Blackpool & Fleetwood Labour.

Even though rain did stop play, we got a load of canvassing done and spoke to a load of people on the doorstep – I got a lot of confirmed votes so that makes me feel good 🙂

I then had an hour at home to grab a butty before going out again in the afternoon to do even more canvassing with Councillors Graham Cain and Gillian Campbell – again we got quite a few confirmed voters on the doorstep and a couple of Vote Jim posters up, so it was a good session.

I then delivered a load of leaflets around Central Drive and the surrounding area.

I’ve just got home – my feet are throbbing (I’ve walked miles today)!

Nevermind – I can take my soggy boots off now and have a chill for the night (until tomorrow morning when I am out again with a group from Young Labour).

Laters, Jim

And even more campaigning and a meet with some very nice people

I haven’t stopped today. Honestly.

I should have dropped off some envelopes that I had addressed up at Graham Cain’s house this morning at 7.30 am (I had been labeling them until after midnight) but my phone decided to do a software update and it turned my alarm off – I woke up at 7.50!

So I have been chasing my tail somewhat today.

So I got to Graham’s at 8.10, dropped the envelopes off, came back home, picked up the Mrs, drove to Warton, dropped her off at work, drove to Bispham and picked up the new batch of leaflets. Phew!

Then, I drove into Blackpool to pick up Rob Wood and we went leafleting on the Erdington Road side of Central Drive. I then drove home, got changed and went to see the amazing people at Revoe Residents Association at their Memory Lunch.


Some of the amazing people at Revoe Residents Association


Angie from the Association

These are an amazing friendly group of people doing some absolutely brilliant work. And for just £1 you can get a very decent lunch (yep – that was £1!).

It was great to meet these good folks (and I hope to see a lot more of them provided that the election goes my way in a couple of weeks). It really was a pleasure to meet them.

I then dashed back home, got changed back into my scruff, and then met up with Graham again. We then did a leaflet blitz around the Ashton/Ribble area.

This brings us to 4pm – when I met up with another 4 canvassers (thank you – you know who you are). We then spent another 2 hours dropping off material around Lytham Road.

I then dropped my co-leafletter, Councillor Martin Mitchell off back home and then went to buy another 400 envelopes. Then back to Warton to pick the Mrs up from work, stopping off at Graham Cains house again to pick up several hundred address labels.

Finally back home for 8pm and I then spent the last hour sticking labels on envelopes.

I’m pooped.

I’m off for a well deserved glass of wine and a catch up of last nights X-Files and The Walking Dead.

Cheerio – drop by again soon.

More campaigning

We had another great turn out from Blackpool Labour this weekend for some doorstep campaigning. Twenty plus activists braved the cold (including Gordon Marsden MP) to speak to residents about the by-election and any issues that they currently have.

I took the opportunity to speak to the residents of the new Foxhall Village development.


I have to say that I really like the design of these houses – I think that they look great and provide some really decent housing in the ward. I would like to see more of this kind of development in Bloomfield.

I also went to Bloomfield East Residents Association and met some very pleasant people there. I was very impressed by their passion about their local area and I hope to be in regular contact with this group.

I have a busy week coming up with more door knocking, leafleting and visiting other community groups (and more meetings, of course).

Whilst this is national news, did you read about the Mr Cameron & Co. bailing out struggling Tory councils in the south whilst leaving struggling northern Labour councils who are being ravaged by massive cuts imposed by central government with nothing? This is absolutely outrageous.

Please think of this when casting your vote in a couple of weeks. The story can be read BY CLICKING HERE.

Anyway, will post again soon so cheerio.


Ok, I know that this is a little presumptious, but….

Ok folks, this is my first ever blog.

I thought that a blog would be a useful tool to communicate to the electorate of Bloomfield, to show you exactly what I have been doing on your behalf.

I plan to update this blog at least once a week and usually more.

Now, I realise that the election hasn’t taken place yet (don’t forget – it’s the 3rd March), but I thought that I would start the blog anyway.


I won the Labour nomination about a week and a half ago, and it’s safe to say that I have been rushed off my feet with election stuff. I’ve had meetings most nights, there is leaflet planning to do, letters to write, etc. It’s been mad busy.

We also had our first leafletting of the ward on Saturday and even though the weather was awful, we had a great turn out from Blackpool Labour to help deliver the leaflets (see photo above – I’m the chap in the middle wearing a cap and glasses (not the one on the mobility scooter)).

There are a load of people doing a ridiculous amount of work to help me get elected but the following people deserve particular mention for all the hard work that they are putting in: Councillor Graham Cain, Councillor Vikki Stephenson, Councillor Martin Mitchell and Councillor Mark Smith. Thank you all so much.

Anyway, it’s late, so I will keep this first blog short and sweet, so cheerio – do check by regularly.

You may also wish to check the Facebook page too – HERE

Cheers, Jim

& PS don’t forget to vote – 3rd March!!!